First Ladies and Other Foliage by Big Lotto

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"Robert Kenagy and Molly Ross have teamed up once again as BIG LOTTO to explore the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation: first ladies as collage art source material. What transpires is poignancy dipped into liquid wit much like an apple dipped into toffee. Surrealist word-play, loneliness, sarcasm, and political satire all intertwine to produce ten collages that'll enter your mind forever searching for the nearest exit.

5.5" x 6.5" chapbooks printed in a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies. Printed using archival ink on 100lb non-glossy white cardstock and cement gray French cardstock. Materials used in the creation of each collage include scanned images, scissors, rubber cement, masking tape, tracing paper, and a typewriter.