Economy of Nostalgia by Cooper Lee Bombardier

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"America is synonymous with money and it is here amongst the dusty congress of junk that the artifacts of our past are excavated and appraised. Everything has a cost but not everything has value. Or is it vice versa? In Economy of Nostalgia Cooper Lee Bombardier, imbedded in a Portland, OR (but really any) flea market, introduces us to the peddlers of our own nostalgia. The adage that we have to spend money to make money seems like both solid advice and fragile, flimsy, at any point about to shatter into dust. You are now ready to be taught a lesson in flea market economics."

4.5 x 7 chapbook. Cover collages printed on #100 mustard cardstock. Insides printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 80 hand numbered copies.