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News Of The Haircut by Peter Berghoef

Image of News Of The Haircut by Peter Berghoef
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Originally published in 2007.
Republished in 2013 as part of the Greying Ghost Archive Series (#1)

Note on the archived edition:”News of the Haircut helped blast Greying Ghost from the womb with both fists clenched. There was no way I could start the archive series with anything other than the poems of Peter Berghoef. Reading over these poems once again I remember the salad days. I remember the excitement of that first chapbook, the uncharted territory that would unfurl itself these six years hence. I am excited once again.”

From 2007: ”The debut chapbook from Peter Berghoef. News of the Haircut appears out of nowhere, asks you sit at its table, pours you a glass of cold water, and recounts the illustrious events of its life. This sly half-smile from Holland, Michigan is just a stepping stone. Some of the best poems i’ve read in a good long while. You will be hearing from him again and again for years to come.”

Archived Edition printed in an edition of 50 hand numbered copies on high quality text weight paper and repurposed cover papers.