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Photo Zines (Ciara Burke, Zachary Zalman Green)

Image of Photo Zines (Ciara Burke, Zachary Zalman Green)
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Zachary Zalman Green is invited to the party. He focuses his lens on the transient souls that wander in and out with a crystalline haze of strange smoke. Chilling. Hilarious. Devious. Perfect.

Ciara Burke captures the scene with a subdued fistful of beauty and serenity. Her eye picks out the delicacy of the daunting surroundings. Images bleed off the page and seep deep into the crook of your mind like roots from a thousand year old tree.

Each zine is 3 5/8" x 5 1/4" of black and white photos. Printed on high quality matte photo paper. Covers printed of 100# French cement gray and yellow paper. First 25 are hand-numbered.

You can order them together for $5.00
or individually for $3.00/per

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