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Sky Poems by Nate Pritts (Limited Edition Chapbook)

Image of Sky Poems by Nate Pritts (Limited Edition Chapbook)
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“I will always keep a copy of Sky Poems in my backpack for those days when I’m on a particularly long train ride or the park by my house is empty and I can just sit alone and absorb each fleeting moment of newness that drips off of each poem. Sky Poems evokes a feeling of being on the run even though you’re not a fugitive. The clouds could simply open up and pour airplanes, the dead, or our mail. You could simply look up and have this book fall into your hands. Sky Poems is that phenomenal.”

Originally published in 2011. Archived in a new edition in 2016.

4.25" x 7" chapbook with inkjet printed covers on Sunflower Mohawk cardtock. Printed on high quality 28# copy paper. Assembled, bound, hand-numbered, and let loose 50 times.